Drew interviewed by MSNMC 11

Drew interviewed by MSNMC 11


ATLANTA — Andrew Lane has contributed to hits that have sold over 50 million records; his resume includes Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Backstreet Boys, Dallas Austin and La Face Records.

In order to be able to be in the industry for 27 years, he has had to sacrifice a lot to be where he is. He says that family understanding the importance of his “timing” has helped to develop his career without regrets.

There are two sides to this scenario but when its family time. He knows how to shut off the world and pay attention to his immediate circle. Andrew warns up and coming producers that if you are scared, don’t try to make a living in the music industry. Those that succeed have learned to take it seriously and take a leap of faith.

Andrew says that as a child he knew that he wanted to be a producer and he use to compose music in his head but waited until he was older to act on his impulses. He professes that professionalism has been his motto and he has learned that keeping his mouth shut has helped to weather the storm and kept relationships in tact. Working with younger artists has been one of the keys to his success as well because he is able to adapt to the wave of sound that is current.

Andrew has worked with the best of the R&B greats in Atlanta and talks about how popping it was for his R&B genre was before Atlanta became a hip-hop state. He also talks about how Atlanta producers must know the common ground of the industry and the southern hospitality is important if one wants to succeed in this region. Andrew Lane is a veteran in the game is ready for the second chapter of success in his life.